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Expert Tips to Keep Your Sofa Smelling Sweet

Your sofa is not only a place to relax and unwind—it’s also a focal point of your living space. To ensure it remains inviting and pleasant, it’s essential to keep it smelling fresh and clean. In this guide, we’ll unveil expert tips and techniques for keeping your sofa smelling good, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home that you and your guests will love.

1. Vacuum Regularly: Dust, dirt, and pet dander can accumulate on your sofa’s upholstery, leading to stale odors over time. To prevent buildup, vacuum your sofa regularly using a vacuum cleaner with a upholstery attachment. Focus on crevices, seams, and under cushions where debris tends to collect.

2. Sprinkle Baking Soda: Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that can help neutralize odors trapped in your sofa upholstery. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the surface of your sofa, gently rub it into the fabric with a soft brush, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before vacuuming it away. This simple step can help eliminate unwanted smells and leave your sofa smelling fresh.

3. Use Fabric Fresheners: Fabric fresheners are a quick and easy way to add a burst of freshness to your sofa upholstery. Choose a fabric freshener specifically designed for upholstery, and lightly spray it onto your sofa’s fabric, taking care to avoid oversaturating. Fabric fresheners come in a variety of scents, so you can choose one that suits your preferences and complements your home’s ambiance.

4. Air It Out: Occasionally, give your sofa some time to air out by opening windows or doors to allow fresh air to circulate. This helps remove stale odors and refreshes the upholstery, leaving your sofa smelling clean and invigorated.

5. Wash Removable Covers: If your sofa has removable cushion covers or slipcovers, be sure to wash them regularly to remove odors and refresh the fabric. Use a gentle detergent and cold water to preserve the integrity of the fabric, and air dry or tumble dry on low heat to prevent shrinkage.

6. Eliminate Pet Odors: If you have pets, it’s essential to address any pet odors that may linger on your sofa. Sprinkle baking soda over the affected areas, let it sit for at least 15 minutes, then vacuum it away. You can also use a pet-specific fabric freshener to neutralize odors and leave your sofa smelling fresh and clean.

7. Schedule Professional Cleaning: For stubborn odors that won’t go away with DIY methods, consider scheduling professional sofa cleaning services. Professional cleaners have the expertise, equipment, and cleaning solutions to effectively remove odors from your sofa’s upholstery, leaving it smelling fresh and inviting.


With these expert tips and techniques, you can keep your sofa smelling fresh and inviting, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home for you and your loved ones to enjoy. By incorporating regular vacuuming, baking soda treatments, fabric fresheners, and occasional professional cleaning into your sofa maintenance routine, you can ensure that your sofa remains a comfortable and pleasant centerpiece of your living space. Say goodbye to stale odors and hello to a sofa that smells as good as it looks!

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